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Among the best dash cams available on the market today, the Garmin Dash Cam Tandem provides the most value. Shop Dalton’s Dash Cams today.

Today, dashboard cameras are everywhere, but has your dashcam outlived its usefulness? When you consider what the best dash cams like the Garmin Dash Cam Tandem are capable of, it just might make yours seem obsolete. What’s more, where do you get a Garmin Dash Cam Tandem in Bangor, Maine?

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Why You Should Buy the Best Car Dash Cams

Today, the best car dashcams are pocket-sized, easy to install and use. These tiny, discreet devices typically fit snugly and unobtrusively behind your rearview mirror to record the road ahead. What’s more, they have many uses, like providing evidence whenever you’re caught up in a traffic incident.

The GPS on your dashcam provides data such as where and when (with a timestamp) various driving events happen. Therefore, you can show the law enforcement officer (LEO) or traffic court judge proof positive you stopped before the pedestrian crosswalk and did not roll through a red light as the LEO claimed.

Traffic Stop Diagram Example

An excellent strategy is to draw a diagram. You don’t need to be an artist, but you should use a straight edge to keep the side of the road and intersections straight.

In this diagram, I used PowerPoint and a picture from the internet. You can do the same to illustrate where everyone was, not just you and other cars, but the LEO. Their viewpoint might not have been as good as they thought it was once presented on a diagram, or your witness might have had a better view from your passenger seat of what happened than LEO did from across the street, or from one side or the other.

Remember, all you have to do is raise a “reasonable doubt” with the judge. A diagram and the supporting video from your Garmin Dash Cam Tandem could be all you need to get the ticket dismissed.  Often, drivers stop further back from the crosswalk to check for pedestrians. That is your stop line, and you need to show that to the traffic court judge.

Most traffic code that speaks to stop sign and red light stops, mention where you must stop. Most say you must stop before the crosswalk if there is one. When you convince the judge by combining your dashcam video with an accurate diagram, you raise “reasonable doubt,” which is the standard of proof in traffic and criminal cases. A traffic court case in Bangor, Maine, uses that same standard. It’s in our Constitution, and most laws are based on that principle.

How to Draw Accident Reconstruction Diagrams and Sketches

Simple instruction about drawing a diagram for your court case.

Although it doesn’t need to be elaborate, this video will give you some ideas you might not think of otherwise.  

This proof will give the judge reasonable doubt of your guilt, which is all you need for a possible dismissal or reduced charge. Likewise, you can show your auto insurance provider proof that it was indeed a hit and run or that your car was vandalized while parked.

These are possible money-saving functions you should not ignore when thinking about buying a dashcam. You could be passing up tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars when an accident occurs, and your outdated or inadequate dashcam fails to record or keep that valuable data.

Best Dash Cams - Garmin Cellphone App
The Garmin Dash Cam Tandem – One of the best dash cams.

The Best Car Dash Cams Provide Evidence If an Accident Occurs

The primary reason to buy dashcams for cars is how the video they record can provide evidence if an accident occurs. Often, a dashboard camera records consistently (a feature known as continuous looping), over-writing earlier clips to avoid the memory card from becoming full.

Also, it stores any video captured during an accident (your dashboard camera’s “lock” function saves video recordings from being overwritten after an accident), and such a clip can be used as evidence. Ultimately, dash cams can help prove the innocence of a driver.

Another of the best dash cams with original hardwire kit
Another of the best dash cams with the original hardwire kit, the Nextbase 222.

The Best Dash Cams for Cars, Trucks, & Vans Lower Insurance Premium

Some insurance firms give discounted premiums for individuals with a night vision camera and a G-Sensor function installed in their cars. The high-quality footage they record can help settle insurance claims if an accident occurs.

The G-Sensor function for most dashcams is activated when the car is parked.

The Wheel Witness with G-Sensor Parking mode. Another of the best dash cams.

The Best Dash Cams Enhance Car Safety and Offer Driver-Assistance Features

Most night vision cameras operate when the vehicle is switched on. However, others can be hardwired to the car. The hardwire kit is optional for most dashcams, so it is best to buy yours when you purchase a new dashcam like the Garmin Dash Cam Tandem.

Many first-time buyers of dashcams make the mistake of buying the cheaper hardwire kit offered by other manufacturers. Some will not work correctly, and the driver finds out too late that they have no recording of the accident to vindicate themselves. Imagine having a dashcam but no recording and losing your lawsuit for hundreds of thousands of dollars because you chose the cheap hardwire kit.

Once they are hardwired, the camera can operate even when the vehicle is parked. When the car is parked, the dashboard camera maintains its G-sensor switched on to standby. This enables it to detect movement and switch on to start recording footage – possibly capturing an individual breaking into a parked vehicle or a vandal keying your car.

Additionally, some dashcams for cars, trucks, and vans come with driver assistance features, such as lane departure, speed or red-light camera alerts, voice control, forward collision notifications. Ultimately, cameras that come with these features can help avoid any possible accidents while driving.

The Garmin best dash cams has lane departure notification
The Garmin dash cam has lane departure & forward-collision warnings.

Where to Buy the Best Dash Cams near Bangor, Maine

Car owners must enhance their safety, lower their insurance premiums, and be in a position to prove their innocence. They can achieve this by buying and installing the best dash cams available on the market today from Dalton’s Dash Cams.

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