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Dalton's Dash Cams & Driving Accessories is a dropshipping business affiliated with Amazon. They provide the product, shipping, warranty, and customer service. I get a small commission for advertising on my website that doesn't cost you any extra.
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Welcome to Dalton’s Dash Cams an honest guide to the market’s top-rated dash cams and affiliate associates on Amazon.

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I’m Stephen Dalton, a guy who knows that drivers need a dash cam or two and has dedicated himself to reviewing the top choices on Amazon and others and giving you the opportunity to buy the product right here after checking the reviews. I charge the same price as Amazon because I am an affiliate and make a percentage of the Amazon price. They do all the advertising; besides my honest little review, they do all the shipping, I just look for the best products and always tell you everything you need to know about a product. Well, everything I know about through product reviews and verified Amazon purchasers’ comments, other consumer comments, and sometimes through personal knowledge, though I could not possibly buy all these dash cams.

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