Dashcam Review of the Nextbase 222

Dashcam review of the Nextbase

This is my dashcam review of the Nextbase 222 Dash Cam. This dashboard camera is pioneering a new design. Visit Dalton’s Dash Cams & Driving Accessories.

Videos are well defined with the newly redesigned glass lens. The addition of a low-profile mount for your car keeps it from getting bumped. Its nighttime visibility provides high-definition recording.

Nextbase started in 2012, pioneering the dashcam sector. They are now the world’s leading brand for in-car technology and connection. Their dashboard camera features cutting-edge smart features, safety factors, and security upgrades.

Nextbase loves making a positive impact on peoples’ travels. Their technology provides drivers with an objective witness if accidents happen.

Dashcam Review of the Nextbase -Night Vision

Recording in High Definition 1080P at 30fps

Nextbase 222 Dash Cam records at 30fps in 1080P High Definition. The newly redesigned 6G lens provides images of very high quality.

Its f1.6 rated lens has 6 layers for improved image resolution. It provides award-winning image quality. This specialized lens captures vital details, like road signs and license plates.

Pro Powered Click&Go Car Mount

Exclusive to Nextbase Dash Cam 222 is its new Click&Go Pro Powered mount. Install and remove your dashcam easily with one hand.

Neodymium high strength magnets on both the mount and the dashboard camera click together to form a tight bond. The wireless camera stays in place.

Its compact design has a low profile. This minimizes the drivers’ visual obstruction, improving its safety factor. The power cable connects directly into the mount and out of the way.

Dashcam review of the Nextbase 222
Dashcam review of the Nextbase 222 Features

Other Quality Features

In this dashcam review of the Nextbase, we need to point out a few high-quality features available:

  • Extra wide-angle view of 140° helps you record six lanes of traffic. The extra-wide angle provides quality images in high definition.
  • High-Resolution Screen. – 2.5″ award-winning IPS screen has upgraded the resolution of the picture. Clarity has also been upgraded for high-quality recordings.
  • Intelligent Parking Mode – Increases vehicle protection. When you park and turn off the ignition, the dashcam goes into intelligent “parking mode.” The dashcam will record any movement of the car while it is left unattended.
  • Motion Sensor, High Precision. – The G-Sensor locks video recorded minutes before and after to safeguard recorded footage in the event of an accident. The footage is moved to a folder where the recordings will not be written over.
  • GPS is not available in this model. Although this is disappointing, we must remember that this is a $75 dashboard camera.
  • Will accept a polarizing filter.

For a small, inexpensive dashboard camera, the Nextbase packs a lot of punch for the price.

Dashcam Review of the Nextbase 222

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Dashcam Review of the Nextbase by Amazon Customers

Customer reviews, 544 global ratings – 4.5 out of 5 stars. 5 star 70%, 4 star 19%
Rating by feature – Camera quality 4.6, Value for money 4.5, Picture quality 4.4, Night vision 4.1

A verified purchaser points out it has trouble reading license plates when going over 45 mph. He also recommends not leaving it in direct sunlight, or the recording shows a white screen.

A polarizing filter will quickly resolve the white screen problem. Adjusting the settings may help with recording license plates. Some other customers love the camera but not the suction cup that holds it. The newly revised Nextbase Dash Cam 222 uses high-quality magnets to hold the camera in place. Thus, eliminating that issue entirely. No other dashcams for cars come with this type of mount currently.

Dashcam Review of the Nextbase World's Largest Manufacturer of Dashcams

Dashcam Review Nextbase Conclusion & Recommendation

Customers are delighted with Nextbase 222 Dash Cam’s new redesign and added features. Making it one of the best dash cams on the market. The extra-wide angle six-layer lens brings a much clearer video than other dashcams for cars on the market. Not having GPS does not seem to concern customers.

Its new low-profile base keeps the camera out of the drivers’ view. The high-powered magnets keep the camera mounted where it should be. The Nextbase Dash Cam 222 is one of the best dashcams available today in the $75 price range.

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