Top 8 Driving Gadgets for Summer Travel

You will absolutely love these eight driving gadgets for summer travel. Everyone should have a dash cam installed in their vehicle to record possible insurance fraud to determine who was at fault.

The other seven items we believe you need to make traveling more fun and convenient, are the RADAR/LIDAR Detector, handsfree earphone, mini-fridge, solar powered exhaust fan, power inverter, anti-glare glasses, and my favorite, a portable espresso machine for that instant pick-me-up shot of caffeine.

Don’t leave these driving gadgets for summer travel behind when heading out to camp this summer.

#1 – Garmin Dash Cam 55

This car dash cam is my new favorite because it is voice-controlled. It has lane departure, and forward-collision warning even if your vehicle did not come with these advance warnings. This discreet dash cam is only two inches and fits sensibly right under the rearview mirror.

The Wheel Witness is the dash cam I have used in my car for years. However, with the voice-controlled Garmin on the market, I had to upgrade. Plus, I get the lane-departure and forward-collision warnings as well. I usually turn off the forward collision warning within city limits because it is too annoying in traffic, but out on the open road, it’s at the top of our list of great driving gadgets for summer travel.

The Garmin Dash Cam 55 less than two inches
Product image

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#2 – Escort iX Radar-Laser Detector

Considering the outrageous fines many states charge for speeding tickets, you should install a long-range RADAR/LIDAR Detector. The Escort iX catches incoming RADAR or Laser signals before they can apprehend you.

These devices are legal in 49 states. Virginia is the only state where these devices are illegal. This IS NOT a RADAR/LIDAR jammer. However, it will warn you about incoming signals so that you can slow down.  

the escort iX Radar-Laser Detector
Product image

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#3 – Mini-Fridge

Every driver should have a mini-fridge to keep drinks icy cold or takeout hot. This mini-fridge is great for the road, on the water, or family picnics. Keep foods hot or cold, depending on your needs. This device keeps mother’s milk or formula at the perfect ambient temperature. This light-weight, highly portable cooler is ideal for summer outings or in the office. The mini-fridge holds up to eight (8) 12 oz cans.

Top 8 Driving Gadgets
Product image

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#4 – Handsfree Earphones: Driving Gadgets for Summer Travel

This handsfree earphones can get used in only one ear to meet the legal requirements of most states so that you can hear your personal tunes and answer the phone when you get a call, all hands-free. Many states require drivers to keep one ear uncovered by headphones, so these are perfect.

You will enjoy your favorite tunes throughout your trip and answer your phone with crisp, crystal-clear voice.

Super clear voice mic for headset. Great driving gadget for summer travel

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#5 – Solar Powered Exhaust Fan: One of the Great Driving Gadgets for Summer Travel

This vent fan is probably the best invention of the year. Getting into a hot vehicle can take your breath away. Instead, get a solar-powered exhaust fan that sucks out the hot air while your away from your car.

This vent fan is not meant as a fan to cool the driver or passengers while driving. The sun powers the fan and draws the hot air out of your vehicle, while parked. Alternatively, it will vent odors like stale cigarette smoke from your car. What’s more, there is no reason to fear this solar-powered device wearing down your battery.

These are great for a pickup truck, but you might need two or more for a large vehicle or four for a van. Even when you buy four, it’s still just over $100.

Top 8 Driving Gadgets
Product image

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#6 – Bestek Car Power Inverter

The Besteck car power inverter allows you or your passengers to use a laptop or other devices while traveling. You will not need to worry about a power surge from this 12-Volt to 110-Volt car power inverter. You will get 300 Watts of juice to power your laptop or other 110-Volt devices.

Top 8 Driving Gadgets
Product image – 12V to 110V inverter with 300 Watts of power

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#7 – Blupond Anti-Glare Driving Glasses

These anti-glare, night-driving glasses also filter out blue light so that you can use them with your Kindle for night reading or your computer to block harmful blue light. Of course, the primary benefit of these is for those drivers bothered by night driving, especially, those who are intolerant of the new vehicle headlights.

Blupond night driving anti-glare glasses
Product image – Blupond Anti-Glare Night-Driving Glasses

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#8 – Cisno Portable Espresso Machine

Get this portable espresso machine for that instant pick-me-up shot of caffeine. Using hot water, it takes about a minute or two for an espresso. However, when using cold water, it takes 10-15 minutes to make a cup. It’s still faster than driving to a coffee shop and much tastier than any fast food joints coffee. Most don’t even offer Espresso.

The Cisno Portable Espresso Machine one of the Top 8 Driving Gadgets for Summer Travel
Product image of the Cisno Portable Espresso Machine one of the top 8 driving gadgets for 2019 summer travel

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Buy the reusable Nespresso Cups for the machine Just $10.88 for a six-pack

Buy the optional Cisno carrier Just $11.99

Get These Great Driving Gadgets for Summer Travel

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