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It’s not too late to gift a dual dash cam with night vision, GPS, G-Sensor Lock, and other features for the drivers on your list in the Bangor, ME area. Call or shop Dalton’s Dash Cams and Driving Accessories today, 207-245-1023.

Where can I buy a dual dash cam around Bangor, Maine? Have you tried Dalton’s Dash Cams? Well, here it is the 20th of December and you still haven’t finished your Christmas shopping. Don’t worry about it too much, neither have I. In fact, there’s still time to gift a dual dash cam to someone. With Amazon Prime, you can get that dual dash cam delivered along with the rest of your online Amazon shopping to the Bangor, Maine area in just two days, and there’s no minimum purchase requirement. Get Amazon free shipping.

I have a couple of suggestions if you’re not sure which dash cam to buy and if you don’t mind, I’ll even suggest some stocking stuffers for those drivers on your list.

Dual Dash Cam Happy Holidays

The Best Dual Dash Cam for Under $200

My number one recommendation of a dual dash cam under $200 is the Vantrue N2 Pro. The Vantrue was the first dual 1080P dashboard camera available. Its four infrared (IR) lights make a simultaneous cabin video even at night with limited or no light. This is great for your friends that work part-time as Uber, Lyft, or Grab-a-Cab drivers to protect against thieves and robberies. The system automatically balances the light to make near perfect videos, so you can capture the actions of people inside your car and 310-degree video capture so the conduct of drivers in adjacent lanes is captured immediately, on separate files. There is no need to adjust your camera. Plus, the Vantrue records voice with a built-in microphone and an easy on/off toggle for *states where it is illegal to record audio. 

“I put in a 16GB SD and I drove for 3 days, 15 minutes each way on the highest resolution and it records the front and the back into a different file.” – Alberto Melendez, a verified Amazon purchaser.

The Vantrue N2 Pro special features include the G-Sensor Lock that senses collisions and locks the video from overwriting and has a date/time stamp when you need to use the video as evidence.

“I had a friend that had a dashcam, and have always wanted to get one. Looking online, there are tons to choose from and was hard to narrow down my choices. I knew I wanted 2 cameras, high res video, and one that was high quality. I chose this one because of the reviews, the reputation of Vantrue, and the specs/features. Awesome video looks crisp when reviewing video. Audio is very clear too.” – Ryan M. another verified Amazon purchaser.

Happy New Year with a Dual Dash Cam

The Next Best Dash Cam

The next best dash cam, at least from what I can tell by reading thousands of comments from verified Amazon purchasers, is the WheelWitness HD PRO Dash Cam with GPS. This dynamic little camera is just $124.99, but there’s a lot of “bang for the buck” with this vehicle camera. This camera has an automatic on with a turn of the key and the continuous loop recording ensures you’re never out of memory. Although this dash cam comes with a 16GB SD Card, you can use up to a 64GB SD Card for long trips. That way you can wait until you get back home to decide if you want to keep any of the footage.

5-stars! Don’t hesitate on buying this cam…just do it! First off, I’ve tried at least 4 different sub $50 cams from Amazon and they all were cheaply made and offered sub-par quality. The following review sounds like corporate shill material but believe me it ain’t. I live in MA, we are known as MASSholes for a reason, and a dash cam is a MUST if you want to feel comfortable driving here.– Perry, a verified Amazon purchaser.

Yeah, Perry, we here in Bangor know a thing or two about MASSholes too and that’s why we buy a dash cam in the first place.   

*NOTE: It is your responsibility to know and abide by the laws in your state.

Gift Your Teen Drivers a Dual Dash Cam in the Bangor, ME area

The best gift you can give your teen driver this Christmas is a dual dash cam with front and rear-facing cameras. They may not thank you right away, but when they have problems with one of those “Massholes” or one of those other out-of-statahs because of a car accident, they’ll thank you because they have proof of whose fault it was.

The WheelWitness Hardwire Installation Kit

dual dash cam
Fits all dashcams that use a mini USB port

As far as stocking stuffers, you could get the WheelWitness Hardwire Installation Kit or a SanDisk 64GB SD Card.

The SanDisk 64GB SD Card 

Dual Dash Cam Memory Card

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