My Friend’s Story: Without a Car Camera Recorder

No Car Camera Recorder

Driving Without a Dash Cam Could Be Trouble

I lost a little faith in society today and am disappointed that I didn’t handle myself in a moment of stress like I expected I would. I was also a little frustrated that I didn’t have a car camera recorder.

Heading east on Atlantic Avenue in West Lake, FL when a vehicle pulled quickly in front of me as we approached the red light and slammed on their brakes. Although I was annoyed, it happens all the time here, no big deal. When the light turned green the car didn’t move, again, a common occurrence caused mostly by people looking down while texting. I waited a few seconds and honked as cars on the right went, and cars behind me pulled around me and went. I honked again thinking the person just wasn’t paying attention because they didn’t move. I worried that something was wrong with them and decided to pull to the left into one of the left-hand turn lanes thinking I could turn into a plaza on that road. As I did, the car pulled quickly in front of me and blocked the lane! I pulled over one more lane, and the same thing happened. Immediately my senses told me something wasn’t right. That I needed to get out of there, so I tried to quickly pull back to the right to go into the eastbound lane, and the car again pulled over to block me.

The Frustration of not Having a Car Camera Recorder

The light turned red again, and I was trying to figure out how I was going to get around this crazy person. There were cars in each lane right and left and behind me, and this person wasn’t moving. Suddenly, they threw their car into reverse and rammed my car!!! Out of nowhere, unprovoked and insane! The light turned green again, and the vehicle continued to pull forward, then back up into my car again, revving her engine and pushing against my car, right out of a bad movie!! And the people in the cars around me did nothing..absolutely nothing! I finally reached for my phone, and when I held it up to record their vehicle, they fled east, running the now red light. This is where I am disappointed in myself for not pulling out my phone sooner to video the incident and to get their license plate since I don’t have a dash cam. I was just not quick enough. Totally shaken, I managed to pull into the parking lot of a plaza and call 911.

car camera recorder

The police came quickly and calmed me down. The police said there was nothing I could do because I didn’t have the plate number. The one police said, “You should have a car camera recorder.” I was able to tell the police the make and color of the car, but not the plate number. And sadly, it looked like two teenage girls in the car. Finally, the police said, go home, have a drink and call your insurance. That’s about all you can do. We’re already looking for a car with that description with rear-end damage, but it’s your word against theirs, and they would probably say you rammed them! Then, that same police officer said, “If I were you, I would buy a dash cam.” To which I replied, “You can bet I will.”

In Hindsight, I Should Have a Dash Cam

What did I learn today? People suck! I was not as prepared to handle a difficult situation as I expected myself to be. I will be going back to self-defense training and reapply learned instincts to better deal with things like this because, in today’s world, it is more than likely to happen again. I realize now, a car camera recorder or dash cam could have helped the police catch those people who did this to me and my car.

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