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Why You Need a Quality Dash Cam

Why do you need a quality dash cam? Let’s say you are driving down Main Street in Old Town, Maine. The sun is shining with a soft breeze coming off the Penobscot River, which is very pleasant now that most of the paper mills have closed and the smell has gone, but that hasn’t helped the economy here. You stop at the red light, one of two or three around town. That few minutes wait allows you to enjoy the relaxing drive even more, while Z-62 plays a classic from the ‘70s. You sing along with America and lightly drum the steering wheel because “You’ve been through the desert” too. La-la-la, lalalalah.

When the light turns green, and you ease out into the intersection because you’ve seen more than a few cars barreling down Center St. hill there too. But, this crazy person was making a left turn one street too soon and rams your car.  

The good news is that you do not have any noticeable injuries. The bad news is the other driver backed up and took off, not knowing if you were OK or not. Of course, he was probably drunk, anyway and not from around here because everyone knows you can’t turn left there, you must turn left on Water St.

Now, What Do You Do?

Now you must get ahold of your insurance company to explain what happened. The insurance agent listens to you but has a hard time believing that the accident was a hit and run. He asks sarcastically, “Are you sure you didn’t run into a tree and just forgot to report it?” You calmly explain to him there is a police report and you have a quality dash cam with a G-Sensor lock that won’t allow an over-write after an accident, and you already provided the Old Town PD with the license plate number, which turned out to be a Massachusetts plate. Go figure, right?

Also, your dash cam has automatic activation, so it captured every second of the accident on video. You were able to show the Old Town PD that you were not at fault and that the person drove off. The law enforcement officer (LEO) said that the car was reported stolen and unless they catch the person still driving the car, they might not be able to do anything. So, it will likely be up to your insurance company. Luckily you had the dash cam.

A Quality Dash Cam also Has Night Vision Infrared (IR)

What if that same scenario had been while you were driving through Old Town, Maine at night? You never have to worry if you use a quality dash cam because that dash cam comes with a night vision option as well as automatic activation and a motion detector. You probably didn’t even know they had those, did you? You probably have one on the front porch; now you can have one in your car, too.

Another reason you need to have a quality dash cam for your car is car burglaries and car-jackings, it doesn’t happen as often in the Old Town, Maine area as in some other places, but it does happen. In fact, a few years back, a woman and a teenage girl were caught by the OTPD and charged with receiving stolen goods and three males, two of those juveniles, as well were arrested for car burglary. It would not have taken nearly as long as it did if the car owners had quality dash cams with motion detectors (or if they had bothered to lock their doors, but that’s Maine, “The Way Life Should Be!

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