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Best Dashcam in Placerville, CA

best dash cam Dashcam G-Sensor Lock
The best dashcams have G-Sensor emergency lock to prevent overwriting accident video

What Is a Dashboard Camera?

The best dashcam is a dashboard camera that gets mounted on your windshield or dashboard to record everything that happens as you drive. These are beneficial because, in case of an incident, the person who is at fault will get determined immediately. In many states, your video can get used as proof in a court of law. These also use motion detectors to catch vandals. These can also capture video of hit and run incidents while parked.

Best Dashcam G-Sensor Lock

What is the Best Dashcam for Me in Placerville?

The best dashcam in Placerville, CA, or anywhere are the Wheel Witness and the Vantrue Dual Front and Rear N2 Pro. Perhaps you are wondering, why do I need to invest in the best car dashcam? Well, this small investment could save you hundreds — if not thousands of dollars in the future. Say you buy the cheapest dash cam you can find in Placerville, CA. You later get in an accident only to find out that the cheap dashcam did not record the incident. By investing in an excellent dashcam, you can avoid this possibility.

Wheel Witness Best Dash Cam Product Image
Your silent onboard witness

The Wheel Witness HD Pro: One of the Best Dashcams

Verified Amazon purchasers have said that the Wheel Witness HD Pro is the best dashcam for less than $200. It is one of the best in that price range.

The Wheel Witness HD Pro records ahead and out to the sides at 170-degrees in HD, plus it has night vision and HDR. It also uses continuous recording so that you don’t have to buy a new SD Micro card regularly.

In the event of an accident, this camera has a G-sensor lock which will detect the crash and permanently save the footage. That way, it will not get accidentally deleted or written over. It takes human intervention to write over the video. At under $200, it is not even that big of an investment when leveraged against the peace of mind that it will provide for you and your family.

Wheel Witness Hardwire Kit dual best dashcam
Fits all the best dash cams that use a mini USB port

The Vantrue Best Dashcam for Dual Front and Rear Recording

New Car Review Best Car Camera for 2018 Vantrue N2 Pro
The Vantrue N2 Pro just $199.00

The Vantrue N2 model is the other best dashcam and is also under $200. Although it is a little more expensive than the Wheel Witness, some prefer the crystal-clear night vision. It has both front and rear cabin recording, night vision, and LED lights to enhance nighttime footage.

Also, it has motion sensors. These motion sensors will turn your dashcam on when the sensor detects motion around your car while parked. Even a slight bump and the cameras will automatically turn on. This feature is a bonus because if someone hits your parked vehicle, tries to break into it, or vandalizes it, the proof will get captured on film.

Anyone can benefit from owning a dashcam. Now that accessible technology has made these so much more affordable; it is a secure and inexpensive investment to justify for most car owners. Plus, it is quick and easy to install.

Best dashcam Vantrue accessories: Hardwire Kit
Add the Vantrue hardwire kit for a professional-looking install for $12.99

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The Benefits of a Dual Front and Rear Dash Cam

Fall Foliage front and rear dash cam

Front and Rear Dash Cam

In the Bangor, Maine area people take safety very seriously. That is why some of the cars in this county have a dual front and rear dash cam. And, why you should consider buying one too.

Why You Need a Dual Front and Rear Dash Cam

Getting into a car accident is a scary thing. Often drivers do not want to admit that they are the ones at fault for the accident. The dash cam does not lie, and it is date and time stamped for accuracy. A dash cam can assist law enforcement officers (LEO) determine who was at fault for the accident. 

Parking lot accidents are widespread. You might come back from shopping and find your car dented or keyed down one side by a vandal. A dash cam with motion detectors and automatic activation will videotape the incident and the video the individuals responsible. Even if they do not hang around the accident area or notify you with a note on your windshield, you will have them on camera, which you can turn over to the police.

Dash cams get used in positive ways as well. Many dual front and rear dash cams come with a still photo feature, which takes photos periodically on a trip when activated. During a family trip, the dash cam will take still images at random both front and rear-facing images. This is great for those that like to sightsee. This is good when driving around New England when the autumn leaves change color for those that enjoy the natural scenery.

Dash Cams in Penobscot County, Maine

Dash cams in this county are perhaps not as popular as they should be. I suppose that’s mostly because the economy is not as good anymore since all the paper mills, shoe shops, and industry have left the area.  However, not having one could cost more in the long run if there’s an incident.

Special Features for a Dual Front and Rear Dash Cam 

When someone is looking for a front and rear dash cam, they look for specific features. These features include night vision, motion detectors, automatic activation, G-Sensor Locking (which lock the video from being overwritten after an incident without manual intervention), parking monitor, and many others, so shop around to get the features you want. Motion detectors will help pick up movement around the car when it is parked as mentioned above. This might not prevent theft or vandalism, but you will have the evidence you need to assist LEO in making an arrest. Automatic activation will start a recording when anyone bumps your vehicle or tries to gain entry.

Dash cams record actual incidents as they happen and are admissible in most courts as evidence if they have a date/time stamp.

The Bottom Line

It is undeniable that using a dual front and rear dash cam will save you and your family from being taken advantage of by vandals, insurance fraud, and hit and run drivers.

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Buying the Best Dash Cam

best dash cam Dashcam G-Sensor Lock

Best Dash Cam

What is a dash cam? It is a camera that’s mounted on your car ‘s dashboard or windshield to record incidents or accidents with your car and your family. You only want the best dash cam for your family’s safety and peace of mind.

Which Is the Best Dash Cam?

Investing in the best dash cam for your vehicle is beneficial. If you ever become a victim of a road rage, an accident, or someone hits your car while parked; your dash cam will record the accident. The two best dash cams to buy are Wheel Witness and the Vantrue Dual Front and Rear N2 Pro.

best dash cam

The Best Dash Cam for Less Than $200: Wheel Witness 

Wheel Witness HD Pro Dual front and rear recording with GPS, Night Vision, and high-dynamic range (HDR) recording is one of the best dash cams on the market for under $200.

Wheel Witness dash cams, used in vans, RVs, cars, and trucks, has a wide-dynamic range technology allow for the best night videos and makes crystal clear videos you can use as evident with your insurance company or in court to prove your innocence.

It has a high resolution that allows you to see the most details.  Plus, loop recording and monitoring that starts automatically when you turn on the ignition or when there is an incident with the automatic activation is turned on while your away from your vehicle. Although the Wheel Witness is a continuous loop recorder, after an accident, it has a G-Sensor Locking device that will not allow an overwrite of the accident.

The cost is under 200 dollars, and the benefits make it worth every dollar you spend. It could easily save you thousands in damages for a hit and run and much more when there are injuries.

best dash cam

The Vantrue Dual Front and Rear N2 Pro dash cam

The Vantrue Dual Front and Rear N2 Pro dash cam is like the Wheel Witness. The manufacturer states, “The Vantrue Dual Front and Rear N2 Pro was the first dual (front and rear) 1080p dash cam on the market with infrared night vision: the F2.06 glass lens rear-facing cam plus 4 infrared (IR) light emitting diodes (LED) lights greatly enhance night vision.” It allows you peace of mind while driving at night.

It also has a parking monitor and motion detector. The dual cam automatically starts recording when it detects motion in front of your car. The cost is slightly less than the Wheel Witness, but it really depends on your needs. Do you need a car dash cam that is resistant to freezing up? One with night vision and automatic activation? Look at the features and specifications of both models before you decide.

You can order the best dash cam for your car in Milford, Maine, or anywhere in the Bangor, Maine area online with drop shipping customer service provided by Amazon. I receive a small percentage of the price, which is already built-in to the price. For installation, call Jeff Legere at Drinkwater’s in Milford, 2 Bradley Road. Or, use their contact form to set up an appointment.

I think everyone can benefit from owning a dash cam because it will provide evidence of everything that goes on in and around your vehicle. And, it can be used for a variety purposes.

For hardwire installation instruction read this.

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Get a Quality Dash Cam at an Affordable Price

Quality Dash Cam Main Street Old Town, Maine

Quality Dash Cam

Why You Need a Quality Dash Cam

Why do you need a quality dash cam? Let’s say you are driving down Main Street in Old Town, Maine. The sun is shining with a soft breeze coming off the Penobscot River, which is very pleasant now that most of the paper mills have closed and the smell has gone, but that hasn’t helped the economy here. You stop at the red light, one of two or three around town. That few minutes wait allows you to enjoy the relaxing drive even more, while Z-62 plays a classic from the ‘70s. You sing along with America and lightly drum the steering wheel because “You’ve been through the desert” too. La-la-la, lalalalah.

When the light turns green, and you ease out into the intersection because you’ve seen more than a few cars barreling down Center St. hill there too. But, this crazy person was making a left turn one street too soon and rams your car.

The good news is that you do not have any noticeable injuries. The bad news is the other driver backed up and took off, not knowing if you were OK or not. Of course, he was probably drunk, anyway and not from around here because everyone knows you can’t turn left there, you must turn left on Water St.

Now, What Do You Do?

Now you must get ahold of your insurance company to explain what happened. The insurance agent listens to you but has a hard time believing that the accident was a hit and run. He asks sarcastically, “Are you sure you didn’t run into a tree and just forgot to report it?” You calmly explain to him there is a police report and you have a quality dash cam with a G-Sensor lock that won’t allow an over-write after an accident, and you already provided the Old Town PD with the license plate number, which turned out to be a Massachusetts plate. Go figure, right?

Also, your dash cam has automatic activation, so it captured every second of the accident on video. You were able to show the Old Town PD that you were not at fault and that the person drove off. The law enforcement officer (LEO) said that the car was reported stolen and unless they catch the person still driving the car, they might not be able to do anything. So, it will likely be up to your insurance company. Luckily you had the dash cam.

A Quality Dash Cam also Has Night Vision Infrared (IR)

What if that same scenario had been while you were driving through Old Town, Maine at night? You never have to worry if you use a quality dash cam because that dash cam comes with a night vision option as well as automatic activation and a motion detector. You probably didn’t even know they had those, did you? You probably have one on the front porch; now you can have one in your car, too.

Another reason you need to have a quality dash cam for your car is car burglaries and car-jackings, it doesn’t happen as often in the Old Town, Maine area as in some other places, but it does happen. In fact, a few years back, a woman and a teenage girl were caught by the OTPD and charged with receiving stolen goods and three males, two of those juveniles, as well were arrested for car burglary. It would not have taken nearly as long as it did if the car owners had quality dash cams with motion detectors (or if they had bothered to lock their doors, but that’s Maine, “The Way Life Should Be!

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