Vantrue N2 Pro Dual Dash Cam Front and Rear Dash Cam


The Vantrue Dual Front and Rear simultaneous recording is the only dash cam you will ever need. This multi-feature dash cam offers auto night vision, continuous looping, Near-360° Full protection, parking monitor, high-temp protection, audio recording, auto LCD off, and optional GPS.


The Vantrue Dual Front and Rear simultaneous recording is the only dash cam you will ever need. This multi-feature dash cam offers auto night vision.
Vantrue N2 Pro Dash Cam

Dual Recording 1080P Dash Cam, Single Front up to 2.5K

This front and rear dash cam is a dual recording dash cam with 1920 x 1080P 30fps. In the front-only mode, it will record at 2560 x 1440P/30fps and lower speeds.

“Simply the Best! Easy to setup and install even for a dummy like me, plenty of options, great instructions provided…records with top-notch video quality and survives the 104 degree Farenheit Florida sun.” – jbonez21 Verified purchaser on Amazon

Near-360° Full Protection

With the 170° front-facing view and a 140° rear-facing cam, which is rotatable to 80° all in one body. The N2 pro can capture the road ahead and the inside of the cabin simultaneously. With a picture-in-picture on-screen display so you can monitor both the front and rear views of camera footage simultaneously. Providing you full protection while your family is on the road or in the parking lot! No matter where you are you have indisputable evidence backed by audio and video even in dark and low light situations.
Everyone knows the lighting in most commercial parking lots is inadequate, but with the N2 Pro, your witness has night vision.
Dash Cam Night Vision

Super Infrared (IR) Night Vision Dash Cam

The F1.8 with a front-facing 6-glass lens in the dash cam, along with an exclusive High Dynamic Range (HDR) video recording system that automatically balances the dark and light areas in the video. Simultaneously, the F2.0 rear-facing camera with 6-glass lens and four IR light emitting diodes (LEDs) enhance the night vision inside the car’s low-light conditions, making the drive safer even at night.
The IR lights can be set to AUTO ON/OFF, ON, or OFF. When set to AUTO ON/OFF low-light conditions can be automatically detected, and the IR LEDs automatically come on to enhance the rear image video, which offers your passengers a better level of safety without any light pollution as IR is nearly invisible to the naked eye.

* Note: The recorded footage will have a purple tint during normal daylight recordings and grayscale during darkness and low-light recording.

Audio Recording

The N2 comes with a built-in speaker and microphone, which captures extremely clear audio in high quality without distortion. And, when you don’t want any recorded voice? Just shut it down with one click of the microphone button. It’s that easy with this dash cam.


Supports the automatic liquid crystal display (LCD) off timer, which can enable an LCD off automatically once your recording begins. In this mode, you aren’t disturbed or distracted by the bright image on the windshield. You also have the option of leaving this function off when you wish that the LCD is on.
Dash Cam Parking Monitor

Parking Monitor

You have an auto parking mode switch whenever your car is parked. The motion detector will automatically begin a dash cam recording when it detects any motion in the front of the car when the parking mode is on.

High-Temperature Protection

The N2 is equipped with ABS and PC housings so that it resists heat damage. The desired working temperatures are 32 to 158 Deg. F. The dash cam will shut down when it is over the desired temperature to protect itself.

Continuous Loop Recording Dash Cam

The N2 Pro automatically starts recording when the ignition is turned on. The continuous loop recording saves the newest videos while overwriting the oldest, whenever the SD card reaches its capacity. The N2 Pro supports a 64GB card maximum when you format it for FAT32.

Time Lapse 

In the Time Lapse mode, the N2 Pro automatically takes still photos during recording at specific predetermined intervals and then edits them together as a video, which plays much quicker than in real-time. When this function is on, it record movement, scene changes, and other events which take place during long stretches of time, and it can also just capture periodic frames in time-lapse mode during multi-day/week road trips. This function saves memory space on the card.

GPS for this Dash Cam

The optional global positioning satellite (GPS) requires that you buy a different mount for the GPS so that you can track your driving route, speed, and location speed. This option could save you the expense of a speeding ticket by proving your exact speed at the time of the citation. Many law enforcement officers (LEO) guess your speed when you go by them, and they do not have radar or do not have it turned on. Since it’s normally your word against theirs, you will have a witness that is practically indisputable!
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