Vantrue 13-Foot Car Dash Cam Hardwire Kit


Vantrue dash cam hard wire kit upgrade with a 13 Foot Hard Wire for Mini USB RADAR Detector, GPS Navigator. Fully-compatible with the N2 Pro & N3, the X1 & X3, R3, V1 & C1, A118 & A119, the G1W Vantrue and other on dashboard cams. For use with either 12V or 24V Car Charging systems.


Dash Cam Hardwire Kit

Vantrue dash cam hardwire kit 13 Feet Mini USB. Made for the N2 Pro, but compatible with other dashboard cameras, GPS Navigators, Radar detectors, and other USB devices.

Hardwire Kit Features & Specifications

  • Highly Compatible – This Car Dash Cam hardwire kit is compatible with most car models (12 or 24 Volt), while most other hardwire kits are just for 12V.
  • Low-Volt Protection – The device will automatically power-off when it detects low-voltage due to a dying battery.
  • Multiple Use – This hardwire kit can be used in almost any vehicle’s mini USB devices, such as dash cams, GPS navigators, and RADAR/LIDAR detectors, etc.
  • 24-Hour Surveillance – It’s guaranteed to work for 24 hours while parking and has additional charging port for other devices.
  • Fuse Adapter Built-in – no need to purchase an additional fuse adapter.
  • Wires get concealed leaving the interior of your vehicle neat and hassle-free.

Special Features

  • Mini USB Connector
  • Voltage – 12V-24V
  • Output Voltage – 5V
  • Output Current – 1.5A
  • Working Temperatures (minus 40 to 80℃) (-40 to 176°F)
  • Parking Mode – ACC Signal
  • Cable Length – 3.5M (13 Feet)
  • Low-Voltage Battery Protection – When the battery voltage is less than 10.8 V for a 12 V battery or 21.6 V for a 24 V battery it will automatically cut power to save the battery. This is usually a 24-hour period without recharge or ignition.

Technical Details

Item Weight1.44 ounces
Item modelHardwire kit
Package Dimensions3.8 x 2.4 x 1.2 inches
Wireless RemoteNone

Simple Two-Step Installation

  1. Plug in the Mini USB into the dash cam.
  2. The other end of the wire connects to your 12V or 24V electrical system, connect to a live fuse, (usually red) to provide seamless integration.

Note: When you do not have experience with installing hardwire kits or a little DIY mechanical knowledge, you should ask for help from a professional.

Favorable Comments

“Great! Easy to remove and replace.” – Randall Mooney Verified purchaser on Amazon August 22, 2017

“I bought this as a spare because windshields do get very hot and that will eventually affect the life of suction cup that came with the camera. This is an exact replacement. Quick delivery.” – Whatthehal Verified purchaser on Amazon August 26, 2017

Negative Feedback

“The dash cam power supply is fairly easy to install with a fuse tab. However, the cable is a little bit on the short side (about 3 inches short because my wife’s car has a long windshield) when I ran it along the windshield. I had to move the dash cam location a little to plug in…” – Silentheart Verified purchaser on Amazon November 13, 2017

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