Solar Powered Exhaust Fan for Cars



Solar Powered Exhaust Fan for vehicles

This solar powered exhaust fan is excellent for venting air out of your vehicle while parked in the hot sun. Other uses are to vent new car smell if you don’t like the new leather or stale second-hand smoke.

This Solar Powered Exhaust Fan vents air out of hot cars.Clean Air with this Solar Powered Exhaust Fan

It can help to eliminate that odor produced by new car leather, or the smell of sweat and stale cigarette smoke. It can bring air fresh into the car, exhaust CO2 and provide you and your family with a healthy and comfortable environment.

Easy to Install

First, hang the exhaust fan vent on the auto door glass. Second, face the solar panel toward the sun. Then, install it according to the instruction book with the included adhesive strips. Do not leave gaps in the window. It can be used continuously on rainy days. It is easy to install and practical.

Safe Air Protection

No external power supply required for this unit as it uses a polycrystalline solar panel to charge its battery. However, you can choose between solar and battery power when there’s limited sunlight. Sunlight gets absorbed by the solar panels to power the exhaust fan normally, but the batteries act as a backup energy source. It uses clean solar power to draw harmful gases out of your vehicle when parked.

Advantages & Applications of the Solar Powered Exhaust Fan

These three-vortex, high-efficiency exhaust fans rotate at 3.5k RPMs. The manufacturer guarantees the solar panels for ten years. You won’t need another power supply inside the car, so no ugly wires are hanging from the unit.

You can simply switch from solar to the battery as needed. Plus, it will slow the aging of leather and vinyl in the car because it will not get as hot.

Vehicle Cooler Ventilation Fan

This unit is not a fan to blow air on the driver or other car occupants, but it is meant to draw the hot air and odors out of the car, truck, or van. This exhaust fan is best for small cars, but vans and larger vehicles can benefit from two or more of these. What’s more, it will fit almost any vehicle window.

Amazon Verified Buyer Feedback

This is a new product, so we were only able to find 30 purchasers who left feedback. Of those 30, 77 percent rated it five stars.

“This works very well in my truck even with the window tinting.”Ron verified purchaser 20 April 2019

“Works well for small to medium cars.” — Colleen verified buyer 26 March 2019

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