Nextbase 612GW 4k Ultra HD Resolution in Car Dash Cam



Nextbase 612GW 4k Ultra HD Resolution in Car Dash Cam Digital Driving Video Recorder (DVR) with Built-in Wi-Fi

The Nextbase 612GW Car Dash Cam

Market Leading, Award-Winning Dash Cam

The Nextbase 612GW is the first Dash Cam of its kind to offer ultra HD 4K resolution, which produces stunning results with its unbeatable video quality. This dash cam has won awards for its market-leading technology and fantastic quality.

  • The world’s first 4k Dash Cam: 3840 x 2160 @30fps
  • Can record 1440p at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps
  • Brushed aluminum front with rear 3.0” LCD color touch screen
  • Latest Sony Exmor R CMOS Sensor for unparalleled image quality
  • Polarizing filter to reduce glare and reflections
  • 7-element glass lens provides a 150-degree wide angle
  • Intelligent Parking Mode activated by movement
  • Auto-Dimming functionality dims the screen automatically at night
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) improves contrast and maintains clarity
  • Smartphone App & Wi-Fi connectivity (Android & iOS)
  • Nextbase Replay 3 video editing software supplied
  • GPS Logging: view your journey on Google Maps

High Quality (HQ) Ultra HD 4K Resolution

The 612GW is a top-shelf Dash Cam with brand new technology. The Ultra HD 4K resolution with 150-degree wide angle lens provides picture quality that’s even better than most household TVs to ensure that all footage taken on the road is the best it can be.

Sony Exmor R CMOS Sensor Technology

The Nextbase 612GW offers the latest sensor technology from Sony to provide stronger colors and enhanced images in all conditions. Sony Exmor technology, need we say more?

GPS & Wi-Fi Connectivity

The Nextbase 612GW features a GPS mount to record important location and speed data for your dash cam. With the WIFI feature, you can view the recordings on the road on the Nextbase app to download and share.

GPS records accurate speed and location data for your dash cam while driving. This will keep track of your vehicle’s physical location to show the route traveled and speed you were going on playback.

The Wi-Fi feature in Nextbase Dash Cams enables you to download and share video and photo files directly to your phone or tablet. The Nextbase App acts as your personal storage point for all Nextbase clips.

High-Dynamic Range (HDR) & Wide-Dynamic Range (WDR)

Why both? It’s simple. HDR improves contrast and maintains clarity for recordings. WDR ensures your recordings are clear in bright even in near-dark light.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) sets about improving the contrast in an image while maintaining clarity. HDR enhances image quality with choice contrast, better brightness, and crimson colors. It takes multiple photos at different exposures to give the best results.

Sharing Tools

With the Wi-Fi Feature, you can share video and photo files directly to your phone or tablet via the Nextbase app. You can then share the footage with your family, friends, insurance provider, or the police. Videos can easily get shared via all the major sharing platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

GPS Location Logging

The majority of Nextbase dash cams (all except 112 and 212) has inbuilt GPS. This ability provides critical information such as speed and location on Google Maps using the free Nextbase software.

This feature is useful to prove where an incident occurred, recording the road names shows where other vehicles were. These details are often difficult to remember if an accident occurs on an unfamiliar road.


Editing Tools

The Nextbase Replay 3 software (PC and Mac) includes a free video editing suite to enable you to trim, join and annotate your footage so that you can output it in the resolution that suits your needs.

Download Functionality

Using the Nextbase Replay 3 software, all of the Nextbase cameras can download the video files easily onto your PC or Mac (using the supplied USB cable).

Alternatively, the Wi-Fi enabled models (312GW, 412GW, 512GW, 612GW, DUO HD & MIRROR) can also send the footage straight to your smartphone or tablet (Android or iOS) so that you can view and share the footage quickly and easily without the need for a computer.

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Product Info

Product Dimensions: 2.8 x 6.7 x 5.1 inches

Item Weight: 1 pound

Amazon Verified Buyer Feedback

After gathering feedback from verified Amazon buyer, I found 28 verified purchasers who chose to leave feedback. They gave the Nextbase 612GW 3.9 stars out of 5 stars possible, with 75 percent awarding it 4 or 5 stars.

“I am very happy with this Nextbase 312GW dashcam. The picture quality is great, and the field of view is about right (not too narrow and not too wide). In daylight, cars directly in front of the camera are clear and the license plate is readable.”Kev on December 20, 2018

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