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Garmin Dash Cam 35 standalone HD driving recorders serve as the eyewitness to your drive. Wide viewing angles provide excellent camera coverage and clear, crisp footage in bright sunlight or low-light conditions. Rely on the Incident Detection (G-sensor) to automatically save footage on impact; files are stored on the replaceable micro SD card (included). Dash Cam 35 adds helpful driver awareness warnings and GPS records exactly when and where incidents occurred.


Garmin Dash Cam 35

Reliable, HD Driving Recorder with GPS and Helpful Driver Warnings

Features and Specifications

  • Forward Collision Warning – Alerts if you drive too close to the car ahead (Dash Cam 35 only).
  • Red-Light & Speed Camera Warnings – Alerts you to nearby red-light cameras or speed cameras (Dash Cam 35 only).
  • Incident Detection – G-Sensor automatically saves footage of incidents on impact.
  • Snapshots – Allows you to take still images, from inside or outside your vehicle, to capture close-up collision damage.
  • Dash Cam Player – Playback footage right on the display, or use our free Dash Cam Player to review later, on your computer.

Product Description

  •  High-definition GPS standalone driving recorder with easy-to-see 3.0-inch LCD display
  • Helpful driver awareness alerts include forward collision warning and red light and speed camera warning
  • GPS-enabled; footage records location, direction, speed, date and time to show exactly where and when accidents and incidents occur
  • Incident Detection (G-Sensor) automatically saves footage of collisions and incidents
  • Excellent field of view with high video quality, even in low-light conditions

Driver Awareness Warnings

Dash Cam 35 features helpful driver awareness warnings to help encourage safer driving. The forward collision warning alerts if you drive too close to the car ahead. The red light and speed cameras warning alerts you to nearby red-light cameras or speed cameras.

Your Eyewitness That Never Blinks

No need to worry about starting and stopping. If Dash Cam 35 is plugged into a power source, it is recording. All footage is stamped with time and location, so you know exactly when and where events occurred. When reviewing footage on your computer, you’ll have a record of latitude, longitude, date, time, speed and direction of travel.

Incident Detection

Dash Cam features automatic Incident Detection (G-Sensor), so when an incident is detected, your camera knows to save the current, last and next recordings; thereby, preserving a complete record of the event.

Dash Cam Player

Dash Cam Player lets you easily view and organize files captured by your compatible Garmin device. Fast-forward, rewind, pause and mark your videos for easy viewing later. Even save video frames as a photo to document and share. Browse and sort videos with this free, easy-to-use software.

Gramin 35 YouTube Video


Comments & Feedback

194 verified Amazon purchasers rated this Dash Cam 35 3.9 out of 5 stars. 49% rated it 5-star, while 11% rated it 4-stars, for an overall 60% favorable rating.

Favorable Comments:

“Not bad. I trust this more than my GoPro4 Silver. Just wish it had audio. I just got this camera and I must say I’m much pleased with it, though it does have a few minor problems. I got this to replace my GoPro4 Silver. Good camera over all. Garmin needs to fix the USB input (rotate it counter-clockwise, down 90°), include a suction mount, and add audio.” – Frenchy Verified purchaser on Amazon October 29, 2015

“Great resolution, great video angle. The camera has been in operation for about three weeks now. This camera is a high-quality product. Great resolution, great video angle, and I love the longitude latitude, date and speed that is displayed in small text in the lower left of the screen. This camera is easy to mount and simple to operate. Great device. I would purchase this product again. Five stars!” – Kim D. Verified purchaser on Amazon January 26, 2016

Critical Comments:

“I bought two of these thinking they were pretty good based on the name Garmin but on use I found the software is really buggy as others have said. And the manual while written in good English leaves out key information one needs for the on-screen menu. Accessing the menu is a bit of hit and miss too as it seems to not let you go back to the start as in a reset mode. There is no way to momentarily see the screen image to check if it is still on focus ahead. One has to have it on all the time or off after one minute.” – Robert A. Verified purchaser on Amazon November 17, 2017

“A good dash cam with some design issues, and the traffic camera notification costs extra. Overall this is a very solid dash cam. As background, I’ve had a Garmin Dash Cam 20 for about a year. I’m putting that camera in my wife’s car and I bought the 35 for mine. I’m a big fan of Garmin products. The build quality is very good, the unit is compact and lightweight, and setup is quick and easy. So why just three stars? Garmin did some fairly boneheaded things with this unit. As many others have noted, the US version of this product has no audio recording capability. My Dash Cam 20, which Garmin still sells, can record audio and it can be turned on and off in the setup software. If you live in Europe it comes with a microphone. Why on earth Garmin would remove the feature is beyond me. Perhaps someone from Garmin’s Automotive Marketing team, who are surely not liking the ratings this product is getting here, will comment and enlighten us.” – R. N. French Verified purchaser on Amazon November 15, 2015

Product Alert: Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit the use of this device. It is your responsibility to know and comply with applicable laws and rights to privacy in jurisdictions where you plan to use this device.

Remove it from the window when parked. Overheating the electronics will break it.

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