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Best Dash Cam in Placerville, CA

Town Center Placerville, CA best dash cam feature image
best dash cam Dashcam G-Sensor Lock
The best dash cams have G-Sensor emergency lock to prevent overwriting accident video

What Is a Dashboard Camera?

A dashboard camera, or car dash cam, is a camera that is mounted on your windshield to record everything that happens as you drive. These are beneficial because, in case of an incident, who is at fault will get determined immediately. In many states, your video can get used as proof in a court of law. These also use motion detectors to catch vandals and possible hit and run incidents while parked.

Best Dash Cam G-Sensor Lock

What is the Best Dash Cam for Me?

The best dash cam in Placerville, CA, or anywhere are the Wheel Witness and the Vantrue Dual Front and Rear N2 Pro. Perhaps you are wondering, why do I need to invest in the best car dash cam? Well, this small investment could save you hundreds — if not thousands of dollars in the future. Say you buy the cheapest dash cam you can find in Placerville, CA. You later get in an accident only to find out that the cheap dash cam did not record the incident. By investing in the best dash cam, you can avoid this possibility.

Wheel Witness Best Dash Cam Product Image
Your silent onboard witness

The Wheel Witness HD Pro

Verified Amazon purchasers have said that the Wheel Witness HD Pro is the best dash cam for less than $100. It is one of the best in that price range.

The Wheel Witness HD Pro records both the front and back view of your car in HD, plus it has night vision and HDR. It also uses continuous recording so that you don’t have to buy a new SD Micro card regularly.

In the event of an accident, this camera has a G-sensor lock which will detect the crash and permanently save the footage. That way, it will not get accidentally deleted or written over. It takes human intervention to write over the video. At under $100, it is not even that big of an investment when leveraged against the peace of mind that it will provide for you and your family.

Wheel Witness Hard Wire Kit dual dash cam
Fits all the best dash cams that use a mini USB port

The Vantrue Dual Front and Rear N2 Pro

New Car Review Best Car Camera for 2018 Vantrue N2 Pro
The Vantrue N2 Pro just $199.00

The Vantrue N2 model is the other best dash cam and is also under $200. Although it is a little more expensive than the Wheel Witness, some prefer the crystal-clear night vision. It has both front and rear cabin recording, night vision, and LED lights to enhance nighttime footage.

Also, it has motion sensors. These motion sensors will turn your dash cam on when the sensor detect motion around your car while parked. Even a slight bump and the cameras will automatically turn on. This feature is a bonus because if someone hits your parked vehicle or tries to break into it, the proof will get captured on film.

Anyone can benefit from owning a dash cam. Now that accessible technology has made these so much more affordable; it is a secure and inexpensive investment to justify for most car owners. Plus, it is quick and easy to install.

Vantrue dash cams and driving accessories Hard Wire Kit
Add the Vantrue hardwire kit for a professional looking install for $12.99

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