5 Benefits of an Event Data Recorder

5 Benefits of an Event Data Recorder or Car Dashcam

How You Can Benefit from an Event Data Recorder

A car dashcam is an event data recorder or DVR that is the best ready-to-use, out-of-the-box choice for your car, truck, or van’s dashboard. It continuously records what’s going on around your vehicle while you drive. Most even come with a shock sensor so that acts of vandalism and hit and run incidents while parked will get recorded as well. How many times have you come back from shopping only to find a new dent or a keyed message on your car?

event data recorder Wheel WitnessWith the dual cameras in front and rear, you can record incidents as they unfold, and even record the events prior to the accident, which you may not have seen. An event data recorder is like having a silent witness onboard. Some of the premier models like the Wheel Witness and the Vantrue N2 Pro offer the capability of in-cabin recording, which helps protect Lyft®, Uber®, or Grab-a-Cab® part-time drivers, although most states do not allow audio recording without the passenger’s permission. Another benefit is the ability to prove you were not using a cell phone while driving to avoid a ticket.

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Auto insurers in the USA have been reluctant to offer discounts for event data recorders so far, but that may change as legislation is pending in a lot of US states. However, even without the discount, providing proof of a hit and run or vandalism to your parked car could make the claim process a lot easier. Likewise, when an animal dashes in front of your vehicle and you swerve to avoid it, you can prove to the insurance company with video what happened.

Despite some benefits not being available in all areas, these are worth consideration when you buy an onboard camera for your vehicle.

#1 – Continuous Recording with an Event Data Recorder

The power of wide-angle recordings of collisions and vandalism with trusted time-stamping is without a doubt the most beneficial aspect of owning a car dash cam. Everyone involved and criminal investigators can consider the forensic evidence provided by high-definition video even when the judge will not admit it into evidence at a trial. When there is irrefutable evidence of fault, an investigator must consider that evidence. It cannot be unseen. Reviewed footage will sway the investigator to look harder to find the right result.

#2 – Traffic Ticket Assistance

The same is true for law enforcement. That two-way dash cam captures activity in the cabin as well as the road ahead. This could show a law enforcement officer (LEO) that you were not using a mobile phone while you were driving. Likewise, it is an exceptional tool to use against wrongful allegations made by LEO or another driver after a collision. Additionally, it helps law enforcement to determine if drivers were distracted by events in the car.

A two-way camera offers two different views by recording the road ahead and a view back into the cabin, which shows what everyone inside the car, including the driver, was doing. Then, the camera sends two recordings to your Micro SD Card. Now, you have recordings of what was happening on the road and one of what was happening inside the vehicle, even if you were the only one in the car you have a silent witness in case of hit and run or an alleged cell phone use.

#3 – Fight Insurance Fraud with an Event Data Recorder

These onboard cameras can assist in fighting insurance fraud. These onboard cameras with wide-angle lenses with night vision can capture a registration plate or facial recognition to provide evidence of drivers attempting insurance fraud against you even in darkened parking lots.

This will eventually decrease premiums for all of us when the courts begin using these recordings as evidence in the US as is already the case in many countries.

When someone attempts to commit fraud by staging phony pedestrian accidents, the cameras capable of recording events before you even realize what is about to happen will capture these crooks. The video recording could provide the forensic evidence to bring them to justice.

#4 GPS Sensors & Night Vision

GPS sensors built into your event data recorder can record the car’s speed at a given time and location, which will help you prove you were not speeding when LEO issues you a ticket. Many Florida State Troopers do not use RADAR or LIDAR in bad weather because they know how unreliable the readings are. In bad weather, they will guess your speed and charge you with “going too fast for conditions.”

Since 95 percent of ticketed drivers simply pay the fine, these LEOs can get away with it. And, even when the five percent challenge the ticket, the judge usually sides with the officer when he/she states, “Based on my years of experience and blah, blah, blah…” Therefore, you should challenge every ticket and make the state prove their case. Even when the judge does not allow you to present video evidence from your event data recorder, if you state the facts as supported by your time-stamped video, you have just raised a level of doubt in the judge’s mind. That’s the beauty of the justice system, if you use it and challenge the LEO’s assessment, all you need is “reasonable doubt.”

So, when you get ticketed in Miami, Florida out there on I-95 or in West Palm Beach with a car dash cam, you have a silent witness when road rage, reckless driving, or hit and runs occur you have the evidence it was not your fault. It gives you the protection needed to win expensive lawsuits brought by insurance fraud scammers.

event data recorder motion detector#5 – A Motion Detector Could Assist LEO Catch a Hit-and-Run Driver

An onboard motion detector sensor can capture acts of vandalism and those who would hit your car in the parking lot and take off. Vandals, careless uninsured drivers, and drunk drivers can wreak havoc on your parked car while you’re shopping. When you get back to the car from shopping or a lunch in a neighborhood restaurant, you might discover damage to your car. With a motion detector, you can check the playback of your event data recorder for evidence of who the guilty party might have been. When you give the recording to law enforcement, they could catch the vandal or hit-and-run driver.

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Car dash cams provide many benefits for purchasers. A dash cam device can assist law enforcement to track down and apprehend carjackers, vandals, and insurance fraud scam artists. Plus, it will make filing your claim with your insurer that much easier.

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