Best Father’s Day Gift: Dash Cam with Night Vision

Still looking for an excellent Father’s Day gift? With Amazon Prime, you can still get it delivered in two days, but don’t delay another minute! A dash cam with night vision is the perfect gift. Reliable customer service warrants that all dash cam components are in excellent working condition by extending an 18-month warranty period. Its relevance in no-light/low-light conditions makes it an incredible gift.

Why Buy Dad a Car Dash Cam with Night Vision?

For those interested in their safety, a dash cam is a crucial component of their car’s special features. Dash cams are small video cameras that you can easily install on the dashboard of your vehicle. Where you place these is up to you depending on visual clearance of the road and other vehicles. Generally, dash cams run on a 12V/24V DC that’s always on after you key the ignition. Although most have motion detectors to protect your vehicle against vandals when parked. Continuous recording devices overwrite old data, except when an event causes the device to lock the video against overwriting.

Record Events While Driving

You will have evidence recorded and saved of any unfortunate event that occurs while on the road. Plus, the G-Sensor activates recording when a significant bump occurs while parked. Dash cams are worth the investment just for challenging traffic tickets and insurance fraud cases. An even better option is the dash cam with night vision. You can record everything in crisp, clear night views with Super Infrared (IR). Which is the best dash cam with night vision to purchase for your dad?

True Infrared Technology

Get the Vantrue N2 Pro with Super IR night vision for $199.99 at Dalton’s Dash Cams and dropshipped by Amazon. So, with Amazon Prime, you can get it within two days!

The N2 Pro is the best true IR camera on the market today for under $200. Its dual camera feature records wide angles from 140° inside the vehicle to a 170°-degree view of the road. So, it can capture the license plate number and other distinguishable vehicle details. It is a portable, lightweight gadget with a fast processor installed. You get a front and rear camera in one unit that will save two videos to your MicroSD Card. The camera’s capable of capturing great views, both interior and exterior are impressive. Its motion detection technology allows you to switch to parking mode automatically. Even the slightest bump will start a recording to catch parking lot burglars, vandals, and hit-and-runs.

It is the perfect Father’s Day gift for dad!

Include a Hardwire Installation Kit for $12.99

Vantrue 13-foot hardwire kit for Dash Cam with Night VisionFor efficient utilization of that dash cam gift, make sure you add a hardwire kit. If dad already has a dash cam, the Vantrue dash cam hardwire kit works with most dash cams. It’s also a quality, inexpensive gift. It has a quality USB cable, 12-24V charger cable, GPS with a dash cam and radar detector. All these components make the installation more straightforward, with no visible or hanging wires. Dad can take back the interior of his vehicle with this installation kit, making it look neat and like new.

GPS with a Dash Cam

You can offer dad easy mobility via the GPS with a dash cam, capable of tracking their movements and speed. The kit is compatible with many car models as it has a wide voltage range. The purchase of a dash cam hardwire kit means you can utilize its components with other dash cam applications. Since it has automatic voltage protection, you don’t have to worry about random voltage fluctuations. Driving around Barstow in San Bernardino County, California, this dash cam with a GPS feature can give him directions. This makes it simpler to spot locations and addresses. These are also popular Father’s Day gifts around Santa Clarita CA and Los Angeles CA.

Other Possible Father’s Day Gifts when Dad Has a Dash Cam with Night Vision

When looking for your Father’s Day gift, go beyond the norm. Forget about that tie, he’ll never wear, or the typical bottle of aftershave, get him a gift he’ll use and cherish every day! FIXD - Car Diagnostic

Visit Daltons’ Dash Cams and Driving Accessories to buy a dash cam for dad, but you should also acquire the accompanying accessories. And, when he already has a dash cam, shop for some driving accessories, the FIXD Car Health Monitor for $59.99, a pair of Blupond night driving glare Blupond night driving anti-glare glassesreduction glasses, which double as sunglasses for $24.80, our special Father’s Day price, or the Besgood yellow night vision assist clip-on/flip-down glare reducers, you can’t go wrong for just $9.59.


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