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“If you are looking into getting a dash cam, check out this place to find one that works for you. He has in-depth reviews and you can buy directly from him once you’ve made your choice. There’s a link to the website from this FB page. He is a retired Army First Sergeant, so you are also supporting a veteran’s small business!” 

Thanks, Jenny Shelton!

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Jenny Shelton  recommended Dalton’s Dash Cams and driving accessories.

Dalton’s Dash Cams

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Dalton’s Dash Cams and Driving Accessories

Dalton’s dashcams and driving accessories is an online drop shipping business associated with Amazon. They provide shipping, warranty, and customer service. I get a small percentage of the regular price for advertising their products.
Shop now for car dash cams and driving accessories. Get feedback from verified Amazon purchasers. I always provide an average star rating for each product and usually two or three positive comments and one negative with the manufacturer or seller’s reply. I feel this gives you an idea of how they handle customer service.
I have some low-end dash cam for the very frugal, starting at $23.99. However, I am of the opinion you usually get what you pay for, I’m not saying because it costs more it is better because that is not always the case. I personally like the Wheel Witness HD Pro for $124.99 and the Vantrue N2 Pro Dual front and rear dash cam for $199.99, which is my best dashcam and the first to use infrared technology for its true night vision. 
You can read my review of the Wheel Witness, here. And, the Vantrue, here
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Driving Accessories

I have some great driving accessories, such as the Blupond anti-glare night driving glasses and the Besgood’s Clip-on/Flip-up night driving glasses. Although I have not personally tried the Blupond night driving glasses because I have prescription glasses, the clip-on/flip-up glasses work as advertised to tone down the glare from other’s headlights and make night driving a little less taxing. 

Another driving accessory that has gone viral lately is the FIXD Check Engine Light Diagnostic Tool, which shows why it’s on in plain English and you can clear the light if it’s a minor problem or something you don’t want to fix right away.

Oh, I almost forgot, I also sell the hardwire kit for just $12.99. If you don’t like those wires dangling to the lighter, hardwire the dash cam straight to your fuse box. The Wheel Witness hardwire installation kit is here. And, for the Vantrue, also $12.99 is here.

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dash cams and driving accessories
Installation Kit – Hard Wire 12V to 5V Mini USB – for HD PRO & All… $12.99

Vantrue dash cams and driving accessories Hard Wire Kit

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I operate a small-scale service, which allows me to pay attention to every component of Dash cam sales and Amazon or other drop shippers. If you are not getting the customer service you expect, send me a contact form or call 1-207-245-1023. You can also reach me through Skype, username: stephen.dalton929, which includes fantastic support for anyone looking for help or advice on their options. If you have any questions or requests, please feel free to Contact Me at any time, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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