Z-EDGE S3 Dual Front & Rear Best Buy Dash Cam Review

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Z-EDGE S3 Dash Cam Review

Z-Edge S3 Dual Dash Cam might just be the best buy dash cam you have been looking for in 2018. The S3 is one of the best dual front & rear dash cams on the market. Z-Edge has brought a whole new level of technology to millions of drivers, from increased reliability to stealth design and WDR technology. The S3 far outperforms Z-Edge’s earlier products and many other comparably priced products on the market.

The Z-EDGE Road Coverage Makes it a Best Buy Dash Cam

The Z-Edge S3 records both the road ahead and behind your vehicle in crystal clear HD resolution, which is what made this dash cam stand out the most to me. So, I thought I would write a review for the Z-Edge S3 for anyone interested in a possible purchase of this reasonably priced, high-end dash cam for just $149.99. Here is my opinion of dual front & rear dash cam so that you can make an informed decision whether this best buy dash cam fits you and your family’s needs.

Dual Super HD Recording

Both cameras on the S3 creates an extraordinarily high-resolution video, so you never miss a license plate or incident on the road ahead or behind. The front camera is a high-definition (HD) 1920 X 1080P at 30 frames per second (FPS) and the rear camera is a Wide-Quad HD (WQHD) 2560 X 1440P at 30 FPS. These cameras record simultaneously, sending video in two separate files on your SD Memory card. You can expect crystal clear resolution from the front cam and a wide-angle camera that also has the excellent resolution from the back camera. This allows you to view and video a significant portion of the road around you in HD.

WDR Technology

Wide dynamic range (WDR) technology provides a 150-degree angular view in front and behind your vehicle. This technique compensates the exposure balance between dark and light spots for the cameras. This feature is quite beneficial in low-light situations where the average camera might not pick up the details needed for the footage to be valuable.

Additional Product Features

The S3’s discreet and compact design makes it a best buy dash cam. Constructed to stay hidden while recording both the front and back of the vehicle. You can stick the camera directly to your windshield for easy installation, easy adjustment, and access to camera angle adjustments. It also has a quick release camera mount to remove it.

The S3 also has built-in safeguards such as the video starts recording when the vehicle’s ignition turns on and off with the ignition so that you do not have to remember to engage it every time. Also, the S3’s continuous loop recording feature allows for more efficient storage management and eliminates the need to change SD memory cards frequently.

However, the G-Lock Sensor protect you from an overwritten video after a significant event with your car, van, or pickup, such as an accident or parking lot vandalism with crash vibration detection. It’s like having a parking lot watchdog you can leave in your car and not worry about the temperature or viral Facebook videos of your thoughtlessness for leaving a dog in your car. Which, should be a crime everywhere by the way.

YouTube Video

This video is not mine (it’s a Techmoan production but very good despite the British accent), but it is a good review of the Z-EDGE S3’s capabilities and functions. If a “picture paints a thousand words,” a video brings the words to life for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages 

Not every product is right for everyone, but in the table below I will show you some of what others have found as Pros & Cons of the S3, which make it in my opinion a “best buy dash cam.”


  • Easy Installation
  • Clear menu and instructions
  • Great resolution, good price
  • Long cables


  • The rear-facing camera has a wire from the front to the rear, which although it has a tool to help you route it behind the interior upholstery, it takes a long time to do.
  • You must keep the internal battery charged or the date/time stamp will go back to the installation date. Some cameras have a firmware problem and need a reset. Turn the camera off for ten seconds and then back on might clear it up. If not, contact support,  support@zeroedgetechnology.com


I have gathered a couple of comments from the reviews of 279 verified Amazon purchasers. They gave the Z-EDGE S3 Dash Cam 4.4 stars average out of a possible 5 stars. 84 percent awarded either 4 or 5 stars.

 “Almost invisible and works without a glitch with 1080 clarity front and rear. Been looking for a good quality, easy to use, front and rear dash cam for six months.” – Bill Verified purchaser on Amazon, 13 March 2017

“This camera is quite different from the ones I used before since it includes a rear camera, which can capture what is happening in the back as well. For installation, the steps are typical, need to proper[ly] wire to make it look nice.” – Heather Verified purchaser on Amazon, 16 January 2018

“Love this little thing! Works great with both front dash and rear window cameras.” – G. Shelly Verified purchaser on Amazon, 15 September 2017

Negative Feedback

“The unit’s basic functionality is fine.

– Included adhesive clips for the wires do not stay stuck on to interior trim.

– There is no way to default making the rearview camera full screen.

– After 4 months the battery stopped charging and the dash cam will intermittently turn off and on while driving. Will update the review when the result of warranty support come through.” – OMG ICECREAM Verified purchaser on Amazon, 13 December 2017

Response from Zero Edge Technology, LLC

“Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for taking time to leave us an informative review. Please accept our sincere apology about the trouble.

Any customers have any questions, please contact us at support@zeroedgetechnology.com. 

All of our products are backed by 18 months warranty for our customers for worry-free purchase. Z-Edge strives to deliver exceptional products as well as best customer service. We promise the issue will be solved perfectly if you are willing to give us the chance.”

Best regards,
Customer Service Group
Zero Edge Technology, LLC


Overall, this is the best buy dash cam for less than $150 on the market right now. So, if you are looking for a high-quality camera that records most of the road around you ahead and behind, the S3 is a seemingly perfect choice and highly recommended.

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