Dashboard Camera Review: The Wheel Witness HD PRO Premium

Dashboard Camera Review

The Wheel Witness HD PRO Premium Dashboard Camera Review

In this dashboard camera review, I will take a look at the Wheel Witness. Many times, people have accidents on the road, where neither knows exactly who was at fault. Or, they know but just can’t prove it. The Wheel Witness HD PRO Premium Dashboard Camera is the best companion to take along with you on any drive. Whether you’re going for a ride down the street or taking a long road trip, it will record everything in its view, along with other important information, to prove who was at fault, should you have an accident, and it will save the data for use later.

The G-Sensor Motion Detector

Just put the SD card in, and set the dashboard camera wherever you want, then press down, and the suction cups will enable its stay on the windshield as your witness should one be required. This dash cam sensor gets activated when the ignition starts, and it will start recording everything within its view. When turned off, it will shut down automatically to save battery charge. However, the built-in G-Sensor will detect bumps or shocks that usually occur during an accident or vandalism even in a parking space. That shock will immediately trigger the sensor, saving all the footage from a few seconds before the potential crash took place as well as other relevant information and protect it so that it is not overwritten.

The GPS Module & the Dashboard Camera

The GPS Module is an accessory that will log the coordinates, location, and the speed of the motor vehicle, which can later be played back to show how fast the vehicle was going when the potential accident occurred and where it has been in real-time.

Features and Specifications

  • FREE 16GB Micro SD
  • WDR (WIDE DYNAMIC RANGE) / HDR Technology – WDR technology
  • 3x mounts for multiple vehicles – 2 sticky mounts, plus 1 suction cup mount
  • Plug & play technology
  • Continuous Loop Recording
  • GPS Enabled
  • G-Sensor Lock automatically detects accidents or vandalism and locks footage from being overwritten
  • An Ambarella A7LA50 processor
  • A 170-degree lens with a super wide-angle
  • Audio microphone

Here is a sample video:

Customer Reviews and Scores

I found during this dashboard camera review that the Wheel Witness has some of the best dash cam reviews, as there were 1,278 comments left by verified Amazon purchasers. 4.3 out of 5 stars, 83 percent gave it four or five stars. Get Amazon free shipping.

The only downsides I could find this dashboard camera review was that it doesn’t record behind you, but at just $125.00 you can get another one to put in the back. And, the GPS module is separate from the camera, but all you need to do is plug it into the mount to use this great feature. 


  • Easily installed or switched to another vehicle since this dash cam comes with three mounts
  • The G-Sensor Lock is terrific in that it will not allow an overwrite after an accident without human intervention
  • Less than $125.00
  • 170 ° Wide-Angle Lens


  • Overall, a decent cam but video isn’t as clear as it could be
  • GPS must be plugged into the mount, which will take less than five minutes but should be noted

“Eight years ago I was sued by another driver for $400,000.00. The accident was not my fault. I was not even moving. The case lasted three and a half years! If I had had a dash cam at that time, I could have proven my innocence.” – Chris P. Verified purchaser on Amazon October 2016

“Don’t hesitate on buying this cam…just do it! Can’t wait for another sale so I can grab a second one for my other car.” – Perry Verified purchaser on Amazon December 2016

“Three stars. First, the screen is smaller than I thought but, that not a bad thing. It is a little tricky to get set up, I am still working on it.” – Brad Verified purchaser on Amazon 30 September 2017


With so many accidents happening today, it is critical to have a dash cam, which will give you peace of mind. As Chris P. said it could have saved him a lot of time and money fighting his legal battle. The Wheel Witness HD Pro comes fully equipped with many of the features and benefits you will need. Such as Continuous Loop Recording that will continue recording even after the SD card is full by replacing the oldest files with the new and provides evidence of who was at fault or committed any wrongdoings to insurance companies, court, police, etc.

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