The Value of Car Dash Cams

Car Dash Cams

Big Brother Right on Your Dashboard

Car dash cams have become more and more common over the last 5 years as technology continues to advance. By creating a purposefulness, dashboard cams provide an extensive, investigative, and preventative tool for car drivers and even municipal employees.

Law Enforcement Use of Car Dash Cams

In Penobscot County Maine, county officials incorporate the use of police car dash cams to capture police-related incidents on camera. In recent studies, The Supreme Court gave dashboard cams a pretty ideal name – “The Silent Witness.” By mounting this device in police cars, Penobscot County officers resolve complaints with more accuracy, use of data for analysis and training, and also encourage moral and ethical behaviors in both law enforcement and motorists.

The purpose of dashboard cams extends beyond police cruisers. Attached to the windshield of vehicles, car dash cams continuously provide recorded data. This is beneficial during car accidents for the driver of the vehicle or even if the car dash cam captures different vehicles involved in accidents. Dashboard cams can be either placed in the front or the rear of the vehicle. Some car dash cams have dual front and rear recording capabilities.

Controversial? Maybe. But, These Devices Are Worth It!

While dashboard cams have critically improved some behavioral conduct since Big Brother is watching, controversy continues to surround the recording technology. Some international countries have not given their blessings to introduce the nifty technology. In Austria, the use of car dash cams is strictly forbidden. By law, courts levy fines when for breaking the law. With concerns about violated privacy, some people have been less concerned with showing videos recorded on dashboard cams, and many do not worry about fines.

Let’s take social media for example. As one of the largest platforms of data, video, and information distributions, social media sites have enabled and practically encouraged the ever-popular technological society. People feel empowered by “sharing” on social media. Often, it is not about getting “likes.” It is more about exposing the issue, crime, person, or organization at fault.

For the past few years, car dash cams videos have surfaced on local news with viewer discretion advisories. Without surprise, surely not all dashboard cam videos have made the cut.

Here in the United States of America

Here at home in the Bangor, Maine area, most courts and judges will admit dashboard camera videos into evidence if the video is date/time stamps. Regardless of how much attention is gained towards the advancement of technological devices such as the dashboard cams, the likelihood of it being prohibited worldwide is slim and we seem to be embracing the technology. With great regards posed towards visibility, instead of “he said, she said” reenactments, the dashboard cam provides useful qualities necessary to improve order, laws, and even accountability, especially for insurance companies eager to settle hit and run accident cases.

The Bottom Line

Car dash cams will continue to be used as evidence in America’s courtroom unless individual states prohibit their use. They know these devices help to fight insurance fraud and hit and runs.

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