Special Features for a Car Dashcam

Dashcam Features

Special Features for a Car Dashcam

More and more people are using a car dashcam for their vehicles. The reason for this is it helps whenever they are looking to file an insurance claim regarding theft, an accident, or any other damage to the car. More and more of these dashcams offer night vision for recording even in low-light conditions.

Which Special Features Come with a Car Dashcam

Dashcam G-Sensor Lock

If you are looking for special features on your device for your car, you need to consider that some of these offer special features that others might not have. Things like a G-Sensor Lock, which automatically locks the video of the accident will not let it be overwritten on the device, without a manual override by the owner. This feature could be crucial for some people who are looking to buy a dash cam for their vehicle. The G-Sensor Lock is one of the top features that people are looking for before making a purchase decision. Another feature that people are looking for is night vision for their device to record in low-light when many car burglaries and car-jacking at filling stations tend to happen.

Car Dashcams in Bangor, Maine

When purchasing one of these devices for a person living in Penobscot County Maine, there are no real restrictions that the person should be aware of as the county does not regulate these devices.

Dashcam Special Feature GPS

One aspect that a person will want to make sure that they look at is global-positioning satellite GPS for their car dashcam. If stolen, you can lock onto your car’s location with the GPS for a car dashcam and possibly get a picture of the person that stole the car. Also, it “kills two birds with one stone” so you won’t need another device cluttering your dashboard. Many of these devices tend to record front and rear, with some even capturing video in the cabin. This helps in several ways including assisting law enforcement figure out what happened during an auto accident.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are many features including a G-Sensor Lock device that comes with some of these devices. You will need to figure out which are the most important and which model will give you what you need and want with your dash cam. You can get most of these features on a very good dashcam for under $200. You could easily save that if you are involved in an incident or accident with your vehicle. 

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