Buying the Best Dash Cam

Best Dash Cam

What is a dash cam? It is a camera that’s mounted on your car ‘s dashboard or windshield to record incidents or accidents with your car and your family. You only want the best dash cam for your family’s safety and peace of mind.

Which Is the Best Dash Cam?

Investing in the best dash cam for your vehicle is beneficial. If you ever become a victim of a road rage, an accident, or someone hits your car while parked; your dash cam will record the accident. The two best dash cams to buy are Wheel Witness and the Vantrue Dual Front and Rear N2 Pro.

best dash cam

The Best Dash Cam for Less Than $200: Wheel Witness  

Wheel Witness HD Pro Dual front and rear recording with GPS, Night Vision, and high-dynamic range (HDR) recording is one of the best dash cams on the market for under $200.

Wheel Witness dash cams, used in vans, RVs, cars, and trucks, has a wide-dynamic range technology allow for the best night videos and makes crystal clear videos you can use as evident with your insurance company or in court to prove your innocence.

It has a high resolution that allows you to see the most details.  Plus, loop recording and monitoring that starts automatically when you turn on the ignition or when there is an incident with the automatic activation is turned on while your away from your vehicle. Although the Wheel Witness is a continuous loop recorder, after an accident, it has a G-Sensor Locking device that will not allow an overwrite of the accident.

The cost is under 200 dollars, and the benefits make it worth every dollar you spend. It could easily save you thousands in damages for a hit and run and much more when there are injuries.

best dash cam

The Vantrue Dual Front and Rear N2 Pro dash cam

The Vantrue Dual Front and Rear N2 Pro dash cam is like the Wheel Witness. The manufacturer states, “The Vantrue Dual Front and Rear N2 Pro was the first dual (front and rear) 1080p dash cam on the market with infrared night vision: the F2.06 glass lens rear-facing cam plus 4 infrared (IR) light emitting diodes (LED) lights greatly enhance night vision.” It allows you peace of mind while driving at night.

It also has a parking monitor and motion detector. The dual cam automatically starts recording when it detects motion in front of your car. The cost is slightly less than the Wheel Witness, but it really depends on your needs. Do you need a car dash cam that is resistant to freezing up? One with night vision and automatic activation? Look at the features and specifications of both models before you decide.

You can order the best dash cam for your car in Milford, Maine, or anywhere in the Bangor, Maine area online with drop shipping customer service provided by Amazon. I receive a small percentage of the price, which is already built-in to the price. For installation, call Jeff Legere at Drinkwater’s in Milford, 2 Bradley Road. Or, use their contact form to set up an appointment.

I think everyone can benefit from owning a dash cam because it will provide evidence of everything that goes on in and around your vehicle. And, it can be used for a variety purposes.

For hardwire installation instruction read this.

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