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How to Hardwire a Car Dashboard Camera

Drinkwater's car dashboard camera installation

Car Dashboard Camera Hardwire

Installing a hardwired car dashboard camera can be done by any qualified mechanic. Or, as a do-it-yourself project if you have the time and a little mechanical ingenuity by tapping into your car’s power system using a dash cam installation kit. Caution is advised, as working with any electrical power system can be harmful to the vehicle and the owner.

Many will just want to keep it portable and plugged into the lighter if they intend to use the dash cam in two or more vehicles it will be easier just to change it out. A hardwired dash cam will be a lot more difficult to take out and put it in your other car. But, of course, you could just buy two and hard wire both.

Most guys and a lot of the gals in the Bangor, Maine area will try to do this themselves, and for many, it will be a breeze, but if you don’t have the time or knowledge take it to a professional and save yourself the hassle. In the Milford, Bradley, and Old Town area you can take it to Drinkwater’s, 2 Bradley Rd, Milford, ME 04461 or call 827-3004 and ask for Jeff Legere, that’s my nephew who’s a heckuva guy and a great mechanic. And, at Drinkwater’s they won’t charge you an arm and a leg. Or, you can use the contact form on their website to set up an appointment and don’t forget to bring them your installation kit.

car dashboard camera

The Basics to Hardwire Your Car Dashboard Camera

This is not that difficult if you are mechanically inclined, but if you follow my instructions and muck this up, don’t blame me I’m a writer, not a mechanic.

The first step is to decide where to put your car dashboard camera. The best strategy for this is to sit in the driver’s seat to scope out the best position for your hardwired dash cam.

2. Once you have the location for your dash cam picked out, you need to locate your vehicle’s fuse box. Most fuse boxes are located under the dashboard on the driver’s side under the steering column or the passenger’s side in the glove compartment. When in doubt, consult the owner’s manual.

3. After the fuse box is located, you will need to route the power cable to it. Lay out the dash cam cable first so you can make sure you have enough slack where needed. This also helps you see which is the best route to the fuse box without leaving wires dangling.

4. With any hardwired dash cam, you need to locate the fuse wire that is “hot in start.” Vehicles, in general, have wires that are live all the time, or “hot.” Your hardwired dash cam will need to start when the car does, so having it fed into one of the live wires is essential. You can use a circuit tester to determine which of the fuse wires are hot.

5. Remove the key from the ignition before you start the installation of your car dashboard camera. Using a fuse puller or a pair of pliers, remove the fuse you identified as “hot.” And then, locate a ground point for your kit. Most vehicles have an easy access ground point near the fuse box.

After you have completed the above steps, you can close your dashboard, and you’re ready to hit the road.

The link below will take you to Amazon where you can purchase a quality dashcam and the installation kit.

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Life Through the Windshield: Get a Car Camera from Amazon

Moose - Car Camera

Car Camera

A car camera or dash cam is a great after-market addition to any vehicle. When involved in an accident in Bangor, Maine, for instance, you have video evidence right away you can use to prove your innocence. Many car cameras begin recording when the engine starts and will record for the duration of the trip. All recorded footage is real-time and date/time stamped, which could be very beneficial in an accident. These dash cams can be purchased using Amazon dropshipping.

What is Amazon Dropshipping

Amazon drop shipping is a method I use to provide the shipping and customer service for my customers. When you shop on my website and see a dash cam you want when you click on buy it now, you are taken to Amazon where you can order whatever you want. Amazon will ship it to you and provide the warranty and other customer services. They pay me a small percentage of the price for advertising their products through my website. It costs you nothing extra.

A Car Camera Could Help Correct Bad Behavior

A dash cam will also be a good thing to have in incidents with bad or reckless drivers, people texting and driving, and even road rage. In a small city such as Bangor, Maine a car camera could be good for teen drivers, not only to critique their driving but it could help in the event of peer pressure.

If you own a taxi service or a fleet of buses these car cameras would be ideal to have installed not only in case of an accident, but the driver would be more careful knowing that the trip’s recorded. The road can be a dangerous place at times so any added safety feature would be great.

Possible Insurance Savings

A dash cam could also give someone an advantage in an insurance fraud case. Some people make a living causing accidents and faking injuries which cause millions in damages to insurance companies. If someone can record these fraudulent events, not only will it benefit that person, but it will save the insurance company as well, which will keep the price of auto insurance down for everyone. This could also help someone from an insurance hike for an incident that was just a fraudulent claim.

How About this Video of Downtown Bangor, Maine in 1989

This video was shared on YouTube by Peter Kingman in 2007. It includes the old Paul Bunyan statue, the Bangor Auditorium, and the waterfront before the Hollywood Casino, it’ll really take you back. Enjoy! Then, stop by YouTube and give Mr. Kingman a hollah!

Scenic Videos and Stills

Starry Night Car Camera insert

In Maine, a dash cam would be great to have if you’re just riding around recording the beautiful scenery; you could even capture some of the great wildlife here. Many of the best dash cams take still photos periodically throughout your trip. As an added benefit you could also drive around recording some great storms or capture some foliage changing colors in the Fall. There’s a lot to see and do in Maine, so let the car dashboard camera record the video and pictures while you and the family enjoy the ride.

The Bottom Line

A car camera or dash cam, which can range from $50-$300 can be beneficial to any driver and purchased using Amazon drop shipping. You can begin enjoying your road trips in a whole new way. Who knows what you might capture on your car camera, such as…a meteor shower, a beautiful rainbow, a heat lightning storm, or just a “starry, starry night.” Dash cams are very easy to install (usually a few suction cups hold it in place, and it plugs into the lighter). Buy one for your car and travel. Plus. get Amazon free shipping, learn how here.

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